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MANUFAKTURA SARAJEVO IN THE NEW YORK TIMES, 12 Treasures of Europe, OCT. 17, 2014 ... Sarajevo: Coffee Sets

Novinar Alex Crevar koji piše za The New York Times ‪#‎nytimes‬ posjetio je i Manufaktura Sarajevo i uvrstio setove za kafu u tekst '12 blaga Europe' ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... Sarajevo: Coffee Sets ... ... ... ... ... ... Walk north, across the square, to another tiny atelier, Manufaktura (Kovaci 28), where the owner and coppersmith Abdulah Hadzic treats visitors to impromptu master classes, explaining how he turns his dzezvas (30 to 80 KM) into functional art. Some are filled with molten lead so Mr. Hadzic can hammer dimples and floral swirls onto their exteriors without compromising their shapes. He removes the lead and sanitizes the dzezva before applying a stove-ready tin lining. For others, he’ll apply a coat of tin outside and in, and engrave through to the underlayer of copper in geometric patterns. “There is no end to this work,” said Mr. Hadzic as he chiseled away.

Kazandžijska radnja MANUFAKTURA, Hadžić Abdulah
20/10/2014 09:14